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9 Tips Intelligent Building Ideal Home

Written By Simon Kleban on Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 2:48 AM

9 Tips Intelligent Building Ideal Home
Inspiration Housing Wanted - There are 2 ways to have a dream house, buy a house that was so or to build a house from scratch. If you decide to make a home from scratch, it is not easy, because to get a home that suits your tastes and dreams, we must consider two important factors, namely factor requirements and budgetary factors and balancing those two factors with a plan. Here are 10 smart tips to build your dream home:

1. Define Your Style Design House
 The first thing you should do in building your dream home is to determine the style of design your dream home. Now many home design styles offered by architects, for example minimallis design, modern design, European design and son.

2. Make a List of Your Home Design

When making a list of your home design, start from the most basic things such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of family room, formal dining room option or semi-formal, patio design, size and other garage.

3. Convert List Home Design Becoming Financial Budget

Once the list is complete the design of your house, compared with a financial budget you have, it is usually very difficult for the average home design our expectations are usually exceeded the budget available, it often occurs in people who first built the house. This can be fixed by consultation with the architect or someone with more experience in home construction.

4. Customize your Home Design with Your Ground Conditions

Each unique land, meaning the land is any land or have different characteristics. It would be wise if you align the design of your home with your soil conditions.

5. Maximize the efficiency of your room

When mapping your floor space design, design it logically. Here are some things you should consider in this process:

Design direct access to the kitchen from the garage
Design all your plumbing in one area, this is to reduce the distance pipeline
Place the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems centrally, allowing for better temperature balance throughout your home
Bedrooms should be insulated to reduce noise and increase privacy
Place a washer and dryer on the same floor with the bedrooms
Make sure all doors, hallways and stairs are wide enough to move furniture
Make sure that the lights are placed just to the flow of traffic and easily placed

6. Expansion Plans

If you can not afford to build your dream home entirely now, plan to design your home so that the expansion may be done sometime in the future, the way to do it is to build your home in stages.
For example, build your main home first, you add a detached garage in a few years and finally, finish your space is. Select a priority in the construction of your house.

7. Picture Interior Design Your Home

When the floor plan, the furniture in the design to see how it all fits. You can do this by using graph paper, magazine clippings or using home design software. Also, consider the choice of lighting schemes, paint, flooring, and so on.

8. Do not Forget the Sun

The position of the sun can affect the design of your home, depending on the direction your house faces. A south-facing home will be warmer in the winter, but hotter in the summer. Place the window to take advantage of natural light, which allows for better energy conservation. And if you really enjoy the sunrise or sunset, the design space to the east or west side of your home is important.

9. Beautify Your Home Design All Sides

Remember that window placement affects the look of the inside and outside of your home. Do you live in a corner or in the middle of the block, the home side will be visible. Design the look of your home so that you will be proud to let people walk around it, put a small design elements here and there, and others.
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