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Islamic architecture is very widely grown both in building a secular and religious buildings in which both continue to grow until today. The architecture also has helped shape the rich Islamic civilization. The buildings were very influential in the development of Islamic architecture are mosques, tombs, palaces and forts all of which have a very wide into the other building.

Islamic Architecture building is a work of art that radiates from the physical and metaphysical aspects of the building through the concept of Islamic thought which comes from the Qur'an, the Sunnah of the Prophet, the Prophet's Family, Friends, Muslim scholars and Muslim intellectuals. Physical aspect is something that is clearly visible by the five senses.

In this case a building with a facade that has the form and style of Islamic culture and can be seen clearly through some cultures, such as Arab culture, cordoba, Persian to heritage wali Songo. The physical form which is usually applied in a building such as the use of domes, ornamental calligraphy, and so on. Metaphysical aspect is something that does not seem five senses but can be perceived outcome. It is more to the effect or impact of the Islamic architectural design, such as how to make the occupant / user buildings more comfortable and safe when they are inside the building that makes residents feel grateful. Another example of the results of the design space in a home, can make communication parents and children closer, thus making them diligently worship.

Rules of Islamic architecture include:
Inside and outside of the building there are no pictures / ornaments creatures intact. Inside and outside of the building there are ornaments reminiscent of the Most Beautiful ... Allah SWT. Results The building design is not intended for show and ostentation. Arrangement of spaces devoted to maintaining the moral and behavioral support. Position the toilet is not allowed or back facing the Qibla. The existence of the building does not harm the surrounding neighbors. Development through the establishment of minimum building does not destroy nature. Using a color closer to God, like the colors of nature
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