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Prior to the sale price of the property for homes and apartments, you should do a survey to know the price before the market price of your property. Although this survey does not guarantee an accurate number, but you'll probably find the price range of 'reasonable' in selling the property. So you do not need to spend much time with people who bid on your property well below market price range.

The survey needs to be done is to find a property that has a character similar to you in terms of property, land, building area, number of bedrooms, location, orientation, views, access, physical condition of the home, and having trouble finding property lainnya.Jika many similarities , just do it on a property that has some similarities only.

Adjustment in question is a decrease or increase the selling price in accordance with the addition / subtraction are carried out on the property. For example, if your home does not have a garage, and a comparable home has a garage, you need to reduce the 'harga'garasi of house prices before making comparisons. However, do market research to find out the 'price' garage itself.

Note also the quality of the material elements of the house that you survey, and find out the market price of the material. If you can, ask the homeowner. Is the material durable, environmentally friendly or cost effective termite resistant.

Do not hesitate to ask for help agent that you trust to do a Comparative Market Analysis. Through this method, you can find out the market price of the property with more accuracy.

If you are not confident in utilizing the services of an agent in selling the house, but still want a Comparative Market Analysis, create an open listing agreement which does not bind you to pay a sales commission to the agent, but the property you dieskpos by the agent.
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