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Vertical Linear elements
Linear elements forming perpendicular sides of a volume of space.

Single Vertical Field
A vertical field will reinforce the space in front of him.

L Shaped Field
An L-shape configuration of the vertical fields leads to a living room area and along the diagonal corner exit direction.

Parallel fields
Two vertical plane parallel to form a volume of space between axially oriented towards both open end of the configuration

U-shaped field
A U-shaped configuration of the vertical fields form a volume of space that overlooks the main orientation of the open end of the configuration

Four Fields Closed
Four vertical plane forming the boundaries of an introvert living space and affects the area around the fence.

The picture you can see that as the order presented below:

Vertical Linear elements
Two columns to form a transparent membrane space by visual tug between the two columns. Three or more columns can be arranged to form the corners of a volume of space.
This space does not require a broad scope for defining but independently associated with those areas.

Archive Building (USA)

The sides of a volume of space can be visually enhanced by clarifying the areas of basic and form the upper bound with membentanq beams between the columns or by posting a field above.

Single vertical plane
Regions of space where there is only one vertical plane is less clearly demarcated. These fields can form only a single side of the area. To form a 3-dimensional volume of space, the field must interact with elements of the other forms.
An area of ​​very high stature rlatif against us. Eye height is an important factor that affects the ability of field describes the space visually.
At the height of the knee, a field can form the
regions of space but only a few did not even give the impression closed.
At altitude the waist, the field began to give the impression of a closed but still allowing visual continuity with spaces nearby.

National Gallery of Indonesia

At eye level, began to feel the separation chamber to the other chamber.
Above human height, a field decides visual continuity and continuity of space between the two areas and provide enclosed a strong impression.

L-shaped field:
L configuration of vertical sectors to form a region of space along the diagonals, and angle outwards. Regional introverts interior angles become extroverts along its outer side.
The areas with the L configuration looks stable and able to support themselves, and can stand upright in the room. This form has the open ends of the elements forming a flexible space.
Two sides of a region with a clearly formed by two fields. The sides were still doubtful, unless confirmed by the addition of vertical elements, manipulating basic fields, or fields above.
If an opening is made in one corner of this configuration, the definition of the region will be weakened.
Both areas will be isolated from each other and one will appear to shift and visually dominate other fields.
If both fields opened in the direction of the angle, the area will become more dynamic and will organize themselves along the diagonal configuration.
Configuration field L can be used in combination with each other or with other elements to form the shape variasl various spaces.

example skesta shaped L-shaped field:

Parallel fields
A pair of vertical plane parallel to form a region of space in between. The edge of the open space formed by the vertical field, providing strong direction in the room.
The main orientation is along the axis where the fields are symmetrical. OIeh for parallel fields do not meet to form a corner and cover the full area, the space is open exit (extrovert).
Limitation regional open space sepajang edge of the configuration can be reinforced visually by the manipulation of basic fields or add fields on the element composition.
Region of space can be expanded by extending the field Iantai outward through the open edges.
If one of the parallel planes distinguished by changes in shape, color or texture, the secondary axis perpendicular to the flow of the space will be formed.
Openings at one or both fields will also cause a secondary axis and set the direction of quality space.
The most important function in the use of the vertical wall is as an element in a system buffer retaining wall structure.
Retaining walls will form a space with quality strong direction.
These spaces can be connected to each other simply by inserting another retaining wall to create a region of space that is perpendicular.
example of a vertical plane parallel mockups:

illustrated by Le Corbusier

U-shaped field
A U-shaped configuration of the vertical fields form a region of space that has the focus inward and outward orlentasi.
In the closed configuration, the area terentuk well. Towards the edge of the open area is open terseut out (extrovert).
Side to open a major aspect and this configuration because it allows the area has space and visual continuity with the space opposite.
Expansion of the space with the space in front of him can be visually enhanced by extending beyond the field of essentially open side of the configuration.
If the aperture field is formed so far as the elements of the column or field, the establishment of a genuine field will be strengthened and continuity with the space in front of him that will be interrupted.
East Coast Residence, Surabaya

If openings are made in the corners of a configuration, the secondary areas will be created in an area of ​​dynamic and multidirectional.

Four areas covered

Four vertical wall that covers an area of ​​space is the most common, and is forming a powerful space in architecture.
If the area is fully enclosed, the space formed is introverted.
In order to achieve the visual dominance in a room or to be a major advance, then cover one area can be distinguished from the others melalul size, shape, surface affirmation, or by the nature of openings in it.
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